Women always want to look good, especially when social beauty standards are usually so high these days, that is why they always resort to various treatments to improve their appearance and increase their self-esteem

Aesthetic concerns more pressing, generally come after being mothers, since during pregnancy and breastfeeding a strong impact is generated on the physical appearance, affecting the figure of the woman and that of course, you want to recover soon and what better way to do it than through a mommy makeover in Tijuana. We tell you what it is about:

What is a mommy makeover in Tijuana

A mommy makeover is a term that has been coined in recent months, due to the large number of women who have been mothers and want to make an important change in their appearance Through aesthetic treatments, this term has been promoted especially by famous women and people of great influence on the art scene.

Mommy makeover is basically a series of plastic surgeries that a mother undergoes to regain the figure she had before conceiving. Since the woman’s body undergoes a large number of hormonal and physical changes to give way to the growth of the baby inside her uterus, which expands, as well as the stomach and the entire abdominal area lose elasticity as the skin stretches which then falls after delivery. The breasts are also prepared for lactation, so they increase in size, losing smoothness and the volume makes them look more saggy. 

Aesthetic concerns treated in a mommy makeover in Tijuana 

The most performed treatments in a mommy makeover in Tijuana are abdominoplasty, where a careful incision is made in the area that covers the pubis so that the surgeon can eliminate excess skin and adjust them to the abdominal muscle Thus, this area has a firmer appearance and a better curvature of the waist is seen. Then the suture is made and the scar is cut to make it look more aesthetic.

Another treatment that is performed is in the chest area, which is performed through a breast lift and the placement of implants, so that it has an appearance of increase and elevation of the breasts. 

Many times the patient wants a vaginoplasty to be performed in order to adjust the muscles of the vaginal walls, as well as a labiaplasty, to improve the external appearance of this intimate area, especially when she has had several children.

To recover from all these cosmetic procedures that women perform, it requires at least 3 weeks of rest and recovery.

Teeth are also one of the aesthetic treatments, most commonly performed which is why are also highly sought after Tijuana dentist, because with pregnancy a lot of calcium is lost and this affects the teeth, making them weaker.

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