The Ideal Place To Visit

Mexico is a country full of diversity in terms of its landscapes, customs, traditions, and culture; for all this, is one of the places most visited by foreigners. We can say that the country is divided into three parts: the North, the Center, and the South. The North is characterized mainly by its warm and dry climate which, despite this, its ecosystem is so vast and so changing. In this part, we can find the Baja California Peninsula, a territorial extension surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. It is in this part of the territory where the famous biologist Jacques Cousteau mentioned that the aquarium of the world is located, this due to the marine biodiversity that is in this part of the country.

This is where the border with the United States is located and one of the cities with more gringos traffic is located. Americans who are stuck to the part of California often cross the border to visit nearby towns such as Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada, where its cuisine and activities invite them to spend more time in this part, so it is widespread to see a house for rent in Rosarito. All the border cities of Mexico are the fusion of two strong cultures, where they are embodied in their traditions and language.

In the part of the center, we can find cities full of the colonial essence, its streets whole of colonial architecture invite you to travel to the past to know its history. Its strong customs and traditions are worthy of being known and to live them; the beliefs and the work of its settlers make that every part that the visitor steps on feels part of a community.  In the center, you will find landscapes full of rivers and waterfalls, forests and mountainous lands, cities full of modernism and magical towns. The gastronomy offered in this part is extensive and much is based on corn, the essential ingredient of our cuisine.

And finally the southern part of Mexico, this area of the country is characterized mainly by its humid climate, its landscapes of jungles, forests, and mountains make it a very diverse region, full of ecosystems characteristic of a tropical area. It is here in the south where we find a great variety of indigenous people who live with their customs, traditions, and language of their community. This area of the Mexican territory is the most visited by national and international tourists, mainly because its coasts are characterized by its turquoise blue sea and golden sand that attracts people’s attention. As well as its architecture characteristic of past cultures such as the Mayas, where they expressed their beliefs in pyramidal structures and cenotes.

Regardless of the place that the person wishes to visit this vast country, the tourist can be sure that the visit will be full of experiences and activities and that he will able to enjoy landscapes. The cuisine is so varied that it is impossible to get tired of the seasoning of their dishes, making it the ideal place to live and enjoy moments of tranquility.