The Body After Having a Baby

After a woman has gone through pregnancy, it is normal for her body to undergo changes that are very different from those that took place while the baby was growing. We believe that it is essential for all women to know what changes they can go through and to take special precautions and care to avoid them. Similarly, understanding these changes, a woman can consult her doctor to find out if the pains are regular or if it is a significant problem.

Hair loss

Women, after pregnancy, can suffer significant hair loss, and this is because, during pregnancy, a woman does not lose her hair as much, so after going through this period, there will be a lot of hair loss. This is normal since by not losing the required amount of hair, everything accumulates, and during the first six months, a woman will notice that her hair is falling out considerably. If there is any fear regarding this, a dermatologist can be consulted.

Changes in the bust

The bust will undergo significant changes caused by breastfeeding. Therefore, it is normal that the breast increases in volume, presents red areas, and in many cases, nipple injuries. Once the nursing period is over, the breast will return to its original size, although there may also be some fatness in the area due to the growth of this. There are many products on the market that are exclusively indicated for the nipple and breast area, so the mother can use them to reduce the symptoms.

Back pain

For nine months, the woman had to carry the weight of her child; it is possible that after childbirth, the mother will have back pain. This is because the back had already become accustomed to the extra weight, so when those kilos disappear, there may be moments of pain. After carrying out certain activities aimed at improving her posture, the mother will notice that these painful periods will gradually disappear.

Changes in the abdominal area

Once the pregnancy period is over, women may have pain and changes in the shape of their abdomen. They may have stretch marks because the skin is broken by stretching, which causes an internal scar, as well as some flaccidity in the area. This is why many women undergo Mommy makeover in Tijuana to regain the shape of their abdomen.

Pain in the vaginal area

If it was a normal birth, it is common for the woman to have pain in this area. There may also be blood loss, which is very common, but if there is any doubt, it is better to consult the doctor. To relieve the pain, a cold compress can be used.

Swollen legs

For a long period, the blood did not reach the leg area so quickly, so it is normal that after birth, the legs remain swollen. It is just a matter of the blood circulating normally again so that the legs become less swollen. However, it is essential that, if you last a long time with this symptom, you better go to your doctor to find out why the situation is so bad.

Changes in energy

Many women, after delivery, feel a lot of energy and desire to do various activities. Still, another percentage of mothers say that after childbirth, they think they have no power at all and feel exhausted. It is a matter of the mother getting involved in her daily activities so that she can stabilize the power she feels.