Can Stress Affect Health?

Stress is definitely an issue that affects many people in society. In fact, everyone at some point in their life has gone through this, although it is widespread, those individuals who frequently suffer from this problem can generate deficiencies in their health. Stress can be presented by different things, by family problems, by overwork, by household chores, among others. Many times this change in the person is notorious because it can cause anxiety, but, on the other hand, the changes caused by stress can be notorious in alterations in the organism. Some changes that can occur in people suffering from stress are:


Substances produced in stressed individuals can cause specific pain. When stress occurs, the brain produces adrenaline that is accompanied by muscle tension, favoring the production of pain.

Contractures: The cervical area tends to tighten, causing contraction of the muscles around the spine. This causes severe back pain. Many times, these contractures are originated by leading a more accelerated life, by strong arguments or by abrupt movement at the moment of being tense.

Headache: Definitely the most present pain in people, and this originates from the tension found in the area of the neck that migrates to the temples. The pain could be assimilated to if they were exerting pressure on the head, causing the person to feel fatigued by the constant pain. Also, this pain can be caused by the continuous pressure of the teeth, which can cause damage to the teeth that will later need treatments like root canal in Tijuana.

Stomach problems

Neurons in the stomach and intestine can perceive emotions that, if generated by stress, can cause damage in this area.

Pain: When an individual suffers from constant stress, he presents discomfort in the stomach, similar to punctures in the area. After this, acidity and secretion of gastric juices are caused. This can cause reflux, hurting the throat.

Gastritis: Anxiety and distress caused by stress cause people to eat poorly. A lousy diet only favors gastritis problems.

Teeth suffer

As mentioned above, stress also affects the dental area. Dentists and researchers have determined that people who regularly suffer from this discomfort tend to facilitate the production of cavities and other diseases that occur in the oral cavity and even the loss of teeth.

Dry mouth: Mood changes cause an alteration in the saliva, avoiding that there is not so much production of this substance. This leads to a higher likelihood of presenting or worsening oral problems.

Increased sugar intake: Individuals suffering from prolonged anxiety tend to resort to sweet foods that help lower anxiety levels. This can lead to problems with dry mouths, such as tooth decay.

Many internal changes occur when presenting stress, so it is essential to be able to control the stress that you take day by day. Different methods can help you find peace and stability. You can also turn to a specialist who can serve as an advisor to calm the percentages of stress. Although stress is not something that can be avoided altogether, it is always good to surround yourself with people who can help lower the emotional burden that the individual has.