3 Things to Look for in a Travel Blow Dryer

Ask any stylish woman with flawless hair and that blowout look what hair styling tools they value the most, and the majority will highlight the travel blow dryer. This is a main hair styling tool that has grown in popularity. Today’s modern woman simply shouldn’t have to put up with standard hotel blow dryers; they perform poorly, are heavy and clumsy in the hand, and take tons of time to dry wet hair. That said, women search for companies that design the best travel blow dryer because they need a good hair dryer that’s small enough, yet that still offers power, to take on those off-site business meetings, or when on vacation. And in addition to finding a travel blow dryer that meets that need, women are also looking for a good solution that can replace their blow dryer at home, and more are turning to a compact sized hair dryer that still offers the same power and features.

This article is intended to help stylish women understand the features and components that make a travel blow dryer stand out from the rest, and assist them in making a purchasing decision.

  1. The Best Travel Blow Dryer will Offer Speedy Drying Times

The key to finding an amazing travel blow dryer is to locate one that offers fast drying time. This means it has to have the same power of full-size models, and the right technology to provide speedy drying times without damaging the hair. Look for a travel hair dryer with a high compression turbine fan to get maximum power to offer fast drying times. Also, multiple heat settings are ideal for speeding up the drying time. Basically, you want a mini version of a modern full-size hair dryer that offers maximum power for timely drying times.

  1. Buy a Travel Blow Dryer that is Right for Your Hair

Some travel blow dryers are made for a specific type of hair, and others are designed to work well with all hair types. When buying a travel blow dryer be sure it is at least engineered to work with your hair type. But the best buy always exists in a travel hair dryer made for all hair types because the engineering and technology is almost always more advanced, and this means the quality is better.

  1. Design and Feel

Why buy a travel hair dryer that is bulky, heavy and looks like it was designed when the Gong Show was still on TV? Design matters for two reasons: the design of your travel blow dryer should be configured to offer a great user experience, and design should also offer an aesthetic look that resonates with your style. Why? Because it adds to the fun. Why buy something ugly when you can get a beautifully designed travel blow dryer that works like a dream?

The way the travel blow dryer feels in your hand is also important because this can impact the way your hair looks. Heavy hair dryers and those with poorly-designed handles can cause wrist strain and fatigue, which causes shakiness and impacts your ability to give your hair an even dry.

Choose a light-weight hair dryer that feels good in your hand, has a stylish look, that’s designed for all hair types, and that has maximum power and you will be well on your way to making a great investment to your hair, and vital addition to your hair styling tools.